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Gold Coins

Edward VII (1901-1910) Sixpence

Ref 32/222Price £60.00

1906, ESC 3602 (1415); S.3982 , lightly toned,


Edward VI (1547-1553) Gold Halfcrown

Ref 32/19Price £10,000.00

Wt. 1.32g., Second period, m.m. arrow on obverse only, SCVTVM FIDEI PROTEGET EVM, uncrowned bust right, rev. EDWAR'VI D' AGL' FR' Z H'R', garnished Royal shield with ER at sides, Schneider 678; N.1915; S.2443, tiny striking crack to left of shield and slightly creased, superb portrait, and very rare especially this nice,
Ex. Archbishop Sharp Collection, Morton and Eden, 7-8 December 2017 (192). Small denominational gold coins of this reign are often in poor or damaged condition and are seldom seen for sale.
VF and better


Henry V (1413-1422) Quarter Noble

Ref 28/32Price £2,500.00

Wt. 1.45g., class A (1), LONDON, i.m. pierced cross, large trefoils at points of tressure, lis above and quatrefoil and annulet each side of shield, rev. stars at angles of centre panel, SCBI 47, 213; N.1381/1; S.1754 VF, slightly short of flan, very rare,
a bold VF


Edward VI, coinage in the name of Henry VIII , 1547-51 Half Sovereign

Ref 31/53Price £1,875.00

Wt. 5.85g., Southwark, i.m. -/Roman E, crowned youthful King enthroned facing holding sceptre left, orb, right, rose below, rev. crowned shield, supporters each side, letter E in panel below, cf Schneider 665-6; N.1866; S.2394 , poorly struck, thus weak in places, otherwise
almost VF


George III (1760-1820) Early Coinages Half Guinea

Ref 32/85Price £875.00

1789, fifth laureate head, rev. 'spade' shaped shield, S.3735, a few faint handling marks,


William IV (1830-1837) Sovereign

Ref 32/102Price £3,600.00

1837 8 over 3, M.21; S.3829B; B.32 , rare date, semi-reflective fields,


George II (1727-1760) Crown

Ref 31/122Price £2,500.00

1734, similar, edge SEPTIMO, ESC 1662 [R] (119); S.3686, edge striking crack,


George III (1760-1820) Early Coinages Third-Guinea

Ref 31/138Price £400.00

1804, second head, MCE 456; S.3740, light surface marks,


George II (1727-1760) Half Guinea

Ref 30/139Price £2,565.00

1753, GEORIVS. II DEI. GRATIA, old laureate head left, rev. M.B.F.ET.H.REX.F.D.B.ET.L.D.SR. I.A.T.ET.E., crowned garnished shield, Schneider -; MCE 362; S.3685, light red toning,


George III (1760-1820) Shilling

Ref 31/M148Price £300.00

1820, small 8, Davies -; ESC 2157 (1236); S.3790 , lightly toned, obverse fields reflective,


Victoria (1837-1901) Sovereign

Ref 26/159Price £785.00

1852, M.34; S.3852C


James VI (1567-1625) Unit or sceptre piece

Ref 31/189Price £5,250.00

Wt. 9.95g., 1604, tenth coinage, m.m. thistle, armoured and crowned half-length figure right, orb in left hand, rev. crowned shield Scottish arms in first and fourth quarters, B.4, fig. 990; S.5463, a lovely lustrous example, with a strong portrait, practically as struck,


George V (1910-1936) Crown

Ref 31/C882Price £212.00

1928, 'Wreath' type, ESC 3633 (368); S.4036, dull toning,


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