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Base Metal Coins

George I (1714-1727) Halfpenny

Ref 31/119Price £400.00

1717, first "Dump" issue, BMC 768; S.3659
good VF-EF


George VI (1936-1952) The Unique 1952 Proof Penny

Ref 31/163Price £135,000.00

1952, dies 3+C, BMC-; F.-; S.4117 (Unique), this coin , carbon spot by second N of PENNY and another behind head, otherwise brilliant, and the only known example,
Ex. A H Baldwin 125th Centennary Auction, 13th October 1997 and Rasmussen List 9 (C109). Up until its appearance in the Baldwin sale the existence of this piece was not known to the collecting fraternity, with the exception of Baldwin's management. It now joins the ranks along with the other great rarities, the pennies of 1933, 1937 (Edward VIII) and the 1954.
practically FDC


George III (1760-1820) Proof Halfpenny

Ref 31/184Price £975.00

Wt. 10.79g., 1775, young head right, rev. crowned harp, edge plain, DF.585; S.6614, struck en medaille, very rare, toned,
good EF


George III (1760-1820) Halpenny

Ref 31/185Price £400.00

1775, DF.584; S.6614, removed from an ANACS holder MS63, toned,
EF-good EF


George II (1727-1760) Halfpenny

Ref 31/129Price £150.00

1731, BMC 840; S.3717
good VF


James VI (1567-1625) Thirty Shillings

Ref 31/192Price £250.00

Wt. 14.66g., ninth coinage, 1604-1609, i.m. thistle head, similar, B.1, var.; S.5503


William and Mary (1689-1694) Halfpenny

Ref 31/96Price £425.00

1694, conjoined busts right, rev. Britannia seated left, date below, Peck 602; S.3452
almost EF


William III (1694-1702) Pattern Halfpenny

Ref 31/105Price £2,250.00

1695?, laureate and cuirassed bust right, type 1, GVLIELMVS DEI GRATIA, rev. Britannia seated left, BRITAN NIA, date in exergue, edge plain, BMC-; S.-, last digit in date is indistinct, believed one of five known
The last digit of the date had until recently been thought to be a 6. However observations made by numismatic author David Groom came to the conclusion that it is dated 1695. It is possible that this is an early issue, and then withdrawn as the legend DEI GRATIA appearing for the first time on a base coin would have been considered unacceptable by Parliament. Ex. Johnstone, purchased by A H Baldwin c. 1973; R Shuttlewood, Spink NC, February 2001 (MC0226); Dr B Nicholson, purchased by Colin Cooke, 2003. Collections.


William III (1694-1702) Halfpenny

Ref 31/106Price £600.00

a double obverse die, BMC 652 , most unusual and undoubtedly extremely rare,
This is the first example of a double obverse die striking that I have seen from the early milled series.


Anne (1702-1714) Pattern Farthing

Ref 31/113Price £1,500.00

1713, struck in copper on a medium (23mm) flan, bust left, rev. Britannia left, date in legend, within an ornamented linear circle, edge, plain, BMC 738 dies 2+C [R] , a lovely example, rare thus
EF/good EF


Anne (1702-1714) Pattern Farthing

Ref 31/115Price £875.00

1714, struck in copper, on a large (23mm)flan, bust left, within linear circle, rev. Britannia left, date below, within a linear circle, BMC 742 [VS], dies 2+E , a hint of red,


George III (1760-1820) Soho Mint The Unique 1808 Penny

Ref 31/145Price £130,000.00

1808, laureate draped bust right, date below, rev. Britannia seated left, edge grained in deep groove, BMC 1346 [PU] (this coin); S.3780, the only known example,
Ex. C. Wilson Peck Collection [this coin] and A H Baldwin. Peck states "The rev. is from an ordinary current 1807 die. As the last figure of the date shows no sign of alteration from a 6 or 7, a new working die must have been specially made, and this would explain the proof-like surface of the obv."


George VI (1936-1952) Proof Penny

Ref 31/162Price £2,250.00

1940, head left, rev. Britannia right, double exergue line; F.228 [R18}; BMC 2408 [ER], extremely rare, brilliant,
Encapsulated in a PCGS holder PR64RD. Proof pieces of the wars years are especially rare.
practically FDC


George II (1727-1760) Proof Farthing

Ref 31/182Price £875.00

1737, laureate young head left, rev. crowned harp, edge plain, DF 558; S.6608; , toned,
good EF-FDC


George II (1727-1760) Farthing

Ref 31/183Price £365.00

1738, similar, DF560; S.6608, removed from an NGC holder MS65BN,
good EF


George III (1760-1820) Halfpenny

Ref 31/186Price £850.00

1781, DF.587; S.6614, removed from a PCGS holder MS64, beautifully toned, proof-like fields, rare thus,


George III (1760-1820) Soho Mint Proof Copper Penny

Ref 31/188Price £400.00

1805, laureate draped bust right, rev. crowned harp, edge plain, DF 591; S.6620, some red, toned,
good EF-FDC


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