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Gold Coins

Edward VI (1547-1553) Half Sovereign

Ref 33/9Price £3,750.00

Wt.5.45g. second period, SOUTHWARK, i.m. Y, crowned bust right, rev. crowned oval garnished shield with ER at sides, small square stops, double after VI, Sch. 686 (minor var. punctuation); N.1911; Potter 2a, S.2438, edge test mark by king's name, creased and straightened,
about F


Mary (1553-1554) Angel

Ref 33/14Price £7,750.00

Wt.4.97g., class 1, i.m. pomegranate, St Michael standing slaying the dragon, MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGI, rev. ship with decorated castles bearing shield and cross, M and rose at sides, on a sea of small neat waves, ADNO FACTV EST ISTVD Z EST MIRABI, wire line inner circles, annulet stops, cf. Schneider 710; N.1958; S.2490, slight ghosting on obverse


Elizabeth I (1558-1603) Half Pound

Ref 33/17Price £5,750.00

Wt. 5.54g., Second issue, bust 3C, i.m. cross crosslet, crowned bust left in plain dress, reads FR, rev. crowned square shield with E R at sides, BC 1, 3C; BC 2, G7; Schneider 738; N.1982; S.2520, a little weakly struck in parts, otherwise
almost VF


Charles I (1625-1649) Unite

Ref 33/20Price £1,700.00

Wt. 8.00g., group B, class 1a, i.m. anchor, bust 2a, reads MA BR FR ET HI, cf. Schneider 124; cf. JGB 46-7; N.2148, possibly a find, dull surfaces,
good F-VF


Oliver Cromwell Broad

Ref 33/27Price £32,000.00

1656, laureate bust left, rev. crowned shield of the Protectorate, edge grained, Schneider 367; Lessen A2; W&R 39 R2; N.2744; S.3225, light surface marks,
practically EF


Charles II (1660-1685) Milled Coinage Five Guineas

Ref 33/32Price £37,500.00

1683, second laureate bust right, rev. crowned cruciform shields, sceptres in angles, edge TRICESIMO QVINTO, MCE 27; S.3331, some hay-marks, otherwise
practically EF


James II (1685-1688) Guinea

Ref 33/35Price £3,650.00

1687 7 over 6, second laureate bust left, rev. crowned cruciform shields, edge grained, 1, residual lustre in legends,
good VF


Edward III (1327-1377) Noble

Ref 33/1Price £7,500.00

Wt.7.77g. fourth coinage, Treaty period, group b, London mint, i.m. -/cross potent, annulet before EDWARD, A's in GRA and AQT unbarred, rev. barred A in IBAT, LAL 3; Schneider 86; N.1232; S.1503, good portrait,
practically EF


Charles I (1625-1649) Unit

Ref 33/131Price £8,000.00

Wt. 9.85g., third coinage, Briot's coinage, half length figure of king crowned holding sceptre and orb, wearing ornate armour, B sideways at beginning of legend and ends with a thistle, rev. crowned shield dividing small crowned C-R, B. 4, fig.1033; S.5532 , very rare, a pleasing example,
good VF


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