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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to List 37.


Considerable time has elapsed since list 36, Mainly due to the shortage of fresh stock, purchasing privately especially has become progressively more difficult, due in part to the proliferation of auction houses, that now seem to dominate the market. The dynamics have changed, in the past dealers used to view and bid for their clients, offer advise on condition, and guide them on price, for this their charge would be a nominal 2.5% to 5% of hammer. Now with the advent of internet bidding in particular, collectors in the main can 'live bid' from the comfort of their work place or home, thus cutting out the middle man, are they vunerable?

I could suggest that UK auction houses follow the pattern of some of the european houses who offer the bona fidi trade a reduced buyers premium, it would be in everyones interest.

 I would point out that to avoid disappointment one should not rely on the grading of a 'slabbed' coin. For example if a typical very fine coin is graded 'AU55', it clearly cannot be 'almost uncirculated'. Some would say it really does not matter anymore, as this is the new norm.  Experienced dealers can grade, and to avoid upset I would always recommend that you go and view the lots in person, or if unable, check with your preferred dealer to see if they are viewing and seek their assistance. As it could be very costly to rely on 'what it says on the box'!

Since the 90's the coin market has enjoyed an increased collector base, prices have risen steadily. In the last two years especially so, and during the Covid pandemic there has been an unparralled demand, with a huge hike in prices, especially for high quality pieces. This shortage of supply is the reason for the infrequency of my retail lists, there are other ways to sell your coins one of which is to sell on a commission basis. I have sold many great collections over the last twenty three years and very successfully. It is a pleasant experience, working in harmony with the collector and in some instances the collections can warrant a single owner catalogue. These are some of the collections we have sold," A Fine Collection of British Coins", part 1,2,3 (List 1,2,3), "The Alan Barr Collection of Crowns" sold in four single owner lists 1-4, a collection of hammered and milled gold and silver "The Property of a Gentleman" (list 27), "The L M Noad Collection" (list 30), "The Milton Collection of Shillings" (list 31), "The late Eric Evans Collection of Charles I Provincial Coins" (list 33), a small but select collection of hammered and milled gold, "The Dexter Collection of Crowns" and "The Bletchley Collection of Sovereigns (list 35).

There is of course the auction route, I have been a consultant for St. James's Auctions for many years, and have passed a number of important collections their way, all have sold very successfully.  St. James's offer very favourable terms, please enquire, they also offer complimentary valuations (this includes any expenses incurred) and generous advances are also available. Please call me on 01306  884880 or 07798 611006 (preferred) or email  mark.rasmussen@rascoins.com

My conditions of sale have changed to include- 9. We do not accept any third party opinion on our coins from the various grading companies. 

I would remind you that it is important to have your collection adequately insured. We are more than happy to provide you with a free valuation less our expenses. Lastly please feel free at anytime to call, I am always happy to give advice.

 You can order by post, e-mail or by phoning, the latter two being preferable, please expect up to 7 working days to receive your order, as the coins have to be retrieved from the safe deposit boxes. We charge £12 for UK Special Delivery and £25 for overseas.


FRESH OFF THE PRESS----British Coins and Market Values 2024 available at a special price of £10 including second class post.

Also avaiable my back numbers of my lists (some early issues unavailable) at £5 each including postage and there are a limited number of sets (4 lists) of the ALAN BARR Collection of Crowns at £25 including second class postage.





Phones : 01306 884880 or 07798 611006 or e-mail us at mark.rasmussen@rascoins.com  and the web site is http://www.rascoins.com

 As always I hope this list has something to offer you and many thanks for your continued support.


   Items featured in List 36.                                                                                                                



Merovingian Francia , c.584-750                                                                                          1

Anglo-Saxon Middle Period, c.780-973                                                                                 2-7                            

Norman Kings, 1066-1154                                                                                                  8-14

Plantagenet Kings, 1154-1399                                                                                          15, 16

The House of Lancaster                                                                                                    17

The House of Tudor, 1485-1603                                                                                       18-42

The House of Stuart, The Commonwealth, and the House of Orange, 1603-1714                  43-51 

The House of Hanover, 1714-1901                                                                                   72-250

The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, 1901-1910                                                                  251-260

The House of Windsor, (1910-)                                                                                        265-301

Silver (coin) Jug                                                                                                             302


Edward  John Poynter design for 1891 Shilling                                                                  303 

 COINAGE OF SCOTLAND                                                                                               304-306

COINAGE OF IRELAND                                                                                               304-325 

 ANGLO_GALLIC                                                                                                         326-339 

 WORLD COINS                                                                                                           340-386                              


 The Broadstone Collection of Halfcrowns                                                                   C1-C47                                 

A Collection of Sixpences 1758-1970                                                                         C48-C186

 COLLECTORS CORNER                                                                                                  C200-C432                             


Some Highligts are:-A Merovingian Francia, gold Tremissis (1), a Coenwulf, portrait Penny (2); a Harthcnut, sole reign, York Penny (6)  another from the Dover mint (7); an Edward III third coinage, Quater Noble (16); a Henry V, emaciated issue, Groat (17); an extremely rare Henry VIII second coinage, York groat (19); an unusual Elizabeth I Angel (20); Elizabeth I  milled shilling (26); and a run of nice milled sixpences from the same reign (31-40); a superb milled Groat from the W L Raynes collection (41);  a James I, Unite  (43);  a Charles I, first issue Briot Shilling (48); a Charles II, 1680 Half Guinea (55); a superb William & Mary 1690 halfcrown (62); a William III 1695 Crown with unrecorded error edge (64); George I proof silver Farthing (73); the very rare George II 1745 Lima Guinea (74); thee high grade George II Halfpennies, 1734, 1738, 1750 (77-79); George III, 1777 Half Guinea (85); a George IV uncirculated 1826 Sovereign (103); a Proof Sovereign, 1893 (115); a pleasing Gothic Crown (116); a group of mint state Victorian silver coins (collected at time of striking), (117, 123,124, 129, 130, 145, 146, 147, 148,149, 151,158,159,162,163,164, 176,177,184,185, 189,190,197,199; an 1869 penny good EF-unc (220); a practically uncirculated 1934 Crown (281); an unusual London made claret jug, inlaid with 57 coins (302); a preparatory design for a Pattern Shilling, by E J Poynter (303); SCOTLAND, James VI Sword and Sceptre piece, 1601 (304); IRELAND, an Edward IV, fisrt reign (now thought to be second reign), "Doubles" Coinage, TRIM, Bust/Rose on Sun Groat (307); and a Edward IV second reign, Small cross on rose/radiant sun, Dublin Penny (308).

WORLD COINS, an Ethiopia gold Werk, 1897 (350); Japan, rare type 3, Meiji, year 3, Yen (373); India, EIC bronzed proof 1/4 Anna, 1858-H (369); a Holland William VI, Chaise d'or (375); a Sarawak, bronzed proof, 1863 Cent, 1863 (369).

The Broadstone Collection of Halfcrowns. a pleasing example of a Charles I, Briot, second milled issue (C6); a lovely Cromwell 1658 (C10); an ex. Dr Carter, 1674 (C13); a splendid good EF, William III, 1701 Plumes (C21); an extremely rare, George I, 1726 small roses and plumes, in VF (C24).

A Sixpence Collection , a George III, Pattern 1788, by Droz (C50), an extremely rare,  1928 Proof Sixpence, an equally rare 1956 Proof and  a run of high grade examples from George III to Elizabeth II.

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