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Norman Kings, 1066-1154

Stephen (1135-1154) - Stephen (1135-1154) and the Civil War and Anarchy (1138-1153) Penny

Ref 32/17Price £825.00

Wt. 1.13g., Eastern Area, Lincoln mint, bust right, crowned and diademed holding sceptre, legend ends [+STEP]HANVS, rev.[AILRIC]S+O[NLIN], broad cross with pellet at end of each limb, fleur-de lis and pellet in angles, M 171 (same obverse die); N.36; S.1289, weakly struck on obverse and irregular flan, rare,


Stephen (1135-1154) Penny

Ref 34/32Price £2,500.00

Wt. 1.40g., type 2, voided cross and stars type (c.1145-1150), BMC. type 2, Hertford mint, moneyer Jordan, bust facing slightly to the left, rev. +IORDAN:ON:HE:, voided cross pattée, mullets in angles, EMC 2016.0234; S.1280; N.878 , good metal and well struck for this issue, unique for this mint
Found at Worlingworth in Suffolk and recorded at the Fitzwilliam Museum – a unique type discovery for a very rare mint.


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