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Anglo-Saxon Middle Period,c.780-973

Kings of Mercia - Berhtwulf (840-852) Penny

Ref 36/5Price £2,975.00

Wt.1.17g., London, moneyer Oswulf, BERHTVLF RE around draped and diademed burst right, rev. OZVVLF M around inner circle containing a cross- crosslet, Naismith L41.2 e, N.206; S.935, crinkled, and with two edge cracks, but good metal and clear, very rare
Ex. John Cross Collection, Canterbury Auction Galleries, 3 October 2020 (528)


Kings of Mercia - Coenwulf (796-821) Penny

Ref 36/4Price £3,650.00

Wt. 1.30g., group I, Tribrach type, Canterbury, moneyer Eoba, + COENVVLF REX, central barred uncial M (Mercia) in inner circle, rev. +EABA within tribach moline of three lines, BMC 96; N.342; S.914, a pleasing example, good metal, toned,
Ex. John Cross Collection, Canterbury Auction Galleries, 3 October 2020 (513)


Kings of Mercia - Offa (757-796) Penny

Ref 27/4Price £3,250.00

Wt. 1.11g., Light Coinage (c.780-c.792), Group II, non portrait type (London and Canterbury), moneyer Eoba, +O/FF/AR/EX in the angles of a long cross botonnée with a small lobe in each angle, rev. E/O/B/A in the angles of Celtic cross with fleurs on limbs, a cross in centre, a pellet in each angle, Chick 117; Blunt 50; N.276; S.904, very rare,


Offa (757-796) Penny

Ref 28/8Price £2,250.00

Wt. 1.12g., light coinage C.779-92, non-portrait type, LONDON, moneyer Ealhmund, long cross pattée with cross of pellets enclosed by a quatrefoil in centre, garnish of pellets in field, O/F/R/M in angles of cross, uncial M, all letters contracted, rev. +ALHMVND: around heavy beaded border, small cross pattée with a pellet in each angle, pellets in legend, Chick 6a var/41-2 var; same; Blunt 8; N.-; S.904, unique, a new type for the reign, small edge chip at 3 o'clock, light porous surfaces, but good metal, well struck,
Found West Lindsey district, Lincolnshire, August 2014, Spink Auction 227, Lot 476.
good VF


Kings of Wessex, and all England - Aethelstan (924-939) Penny

Ref 27/9Price £1,650.00

Wt.1.37 g., two line type, North Eastern I mint; moneyer Nother, ÆÐEL•STAN REX small cross pattée / NOÐER MONE in two lines; +++ between, trefoils above and below. Blunt, Aethelstan 396; SCBI 34 (BM), 225 var.; N. 668; S.1089, lightly toned, moneyer extremely rare, believed nine examples known,
good VF


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