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The House of York, 1461-1485

Edward IV, First Reign, (1461-1470) Ryal

Ref 36/52Price £3,850.00

Wt. 7.68g., light coinage, type V/VIII(A), London mint, i.m. sun, king standing facing in ship, rose on ship's side, banner inscribed E at stern, rev. rose upon radiate sun in centre of floriated cross, large fleurs in spandrels, B&W type VI, variant 1a; Webb Ware, dies 10/VI, 15; Schneider 350 (same dies); N.1549; S.1950


Edward IV, First Reign, (1461-1470) Groat

Ref 36/53Price £625.00

Wt. 3.54g., Heavy Coinage, class I, LONDON mint, i.m. plain cross, crowned bust facing, lis on neck, pellets at crown, rev. long cross pattée, extra pellets in first and third quarters, B&W 4; N.1529; S.1969, attractively toned,
almost EF


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