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The House of Tudor, 1485-1603

Henry VII (1485-1509) Groat

Ref 32/18Price £485.00

Wt.2.91g., tentative type IIIb, i.m. cross-crosslet, crowned bust right, HENRIC VII DI GRA REX AGL Z F,; six crockets as jewels, cross-end no.11; P&W p.112, III(b); N.1743; S.2254, some surface marks, weak in places, edge striking crack,
almost VF


Edward VI (1547-1553) Gold Halfcrown

Ref 32/19Price £10,000.00

Wt. 1.32g., Second period, m.m. arrow on obverse only, SCVTVM FIDEI PROTEGET EVM, uncrowned bust right, rev. EDWAR'VI D' AGL' FR' Z H'R', garnished Royal shield with ER at sides, Schneider 678; N.1915; S.2443, tiny striking crack to left of shield and slightly creased, superb portrait, and very rare especially this nice,
Ex. Archbishop Sharp Collection, Morton and Eden, 7-8 December 2017 (192). Small denominational gold coins of this reign are often in poor or damaged condition and are seldom seen for sale.
VF and better


Henry VIII, Posthumous Coinage (1547-1551) Half Sovereign

Ref 32/20Price £2,500.00

Wt. 5.18g., first period, TOWER, i.m. lis, Edward VI enthroned, HENRIC 8 D G AGL FRAN Z HIB REX, rev. crowned arms with supporters, IHS AVTE TRANSIE PER MEDI ILLOR IBAT, lozenge stops both sides, Schneider 645; N.1865; S.2391 , a little weakly struck in places, otherwise


Elizabeth I (1558-1603) Shilling

Ref 32/21Price £975.00

Wt. 5.96g., second issue, i.m. cross-crosslet, bust 1A, large bust with beaded straps, reads ANG FR ET HIB, BC 1, 1A; N.1985; S.2555A, rare,
about VF


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