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Anglo-Saxon Late Period,c.973-1066

Kings of Wessex, and all England - Cnut (1016-1035) Penny

Ref 32/14Price £650.00

Wt. 1.12g., short cross type, Lincoln mint, moneyer Godric, rev. +GODRIC SPOT ON LIN, N.790; S.1159, unlisted moneyer, extremely rare,
good VF


Kings of all England - Harold I (1035-1040) Penny

Ref 32/16Price £1,375.00

Wt. 1.08g., jewel cross type, Thetford mint, moneyer Ægelmær, diademed bust right, rev. cross composed of four ovals united at base, pellet at centre, ÆGELMÆR ON ÐEODE, Carson 2; Copenhagen 540, same obv. die; Talvio Lib; BEH 931; N.802; S.1163 , neatly struck, scarce
Ex. DNW 12 November 2015 (46)
good VF


Kings of all England - Harthacnut (1035-1042) Penny

Ref 32/15Price £1,500.00

Wt. 1.16g., sole reign (1040-42), in the name of Cnut, Arm and sceptre type. Thetford mint, moneyer Leofwine, diademed bust left, holding fleur-de-lis topped sceptre, HA+CNVT REX, rev. quadrilateral with pellet at each angle, over short cross voided, +LEOPINE ON ÐEOTVO, SCBI 40, 1953 (same dies); N.799 'posthumous' type; S.1169, attractively toned, rare,
Ex. Archbishop Sharp Collection, Morton and Eden, 7-8 December, 2017 (43).
a bold VF


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