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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to List 35.

9. 'All coins are sold as seen subject to 14 days approval. Items will not be refunded or accepted for return should any dispute arise from coins graded by third party grading companies'

I am not going to talk about Covid 19 other than the effect it has had on dealerships. Collectors and especially speculative collector/investors have had a lot more time on their hands, that combined with dreadful bank interest rates has caused a surge in interest and prices. Dealers have not had a problem in selling stock, in fact it has been very bouyant indeed, however replacing stock has been very trying. Due to the pandemic there has been absence of  coin shows, these offers us a great opportunity to meet clients old and new, allowing us to buy, sell and exchange, the enjoyable side of our business.

Sadly during this period many collectors have chosen to sell via auction. This with the hike in prices due to the exceptional demand and punitive buyers premiums has made if very difficult to acquire stock. So we do look forward to saner times and the ability to attend shows and visit clients. At the time of penning this, the London Coin Fair is hopefully in full swing, the first show of the year. I unfortunatley could not attend due to the fact I am project managing my house extension, and I can say without question that I am hopeless, but have learnt a lot!

I have always avocated to collectors that there is another way to sell and that is on a commission basis, I have sold many great collections over the last 21 years and very successfully. It is a pleasant experience, you work closely in partnership with the owners and in some instances the collections warrant a single owner catalogue, for example the Alan Barr,  Eric Evans and  L M Noad collections.

This leads me on to List 35, the general list comprises of four properties,  there is a small group of desirable pieces predominately hamered and milled gold. tThe two main collections are The Dextor Collection of Crowns, Henry VIII to 1899 and the Bletchley Collection of sovereigns, the latter probably the best group of sovereigns ever to be sold in a retail list. The entire list is being sold on commission and there is not one stock item represented, so all the coins are fresh to the market. 

I hope you enjoy the list and I do hope there is something of interest and many thanks for your support over the years. 

We constantly require fresh stock, so if you would like to sell your collection, part or single items we are currently especially very keen. We also sell for clients on a commission basis, which has historically been very successful, the Noad (list 30) collection is an example of what we can do.   Depending upon condition and desirability, we will likewise take coins in part exchange. I would remind you that it is important to have your collection adequately insured. We are more than happy to provide you with a free valuation less our expenses. Lastly please feel free at anytime to call, I am always happy to give advice.

 You can order by post, e-mail or by phoning, the latter two being preferable, please expect up to 7 working days to receive your order, as the coins have to be retrieved from the safe deposit boxes. We charge £10 for UK Special Delivery and £20 for overseas.



Phones : 01306 884880 or 07798 611006 or e-mail us at mark.rasmussen@rascoins.com  and the web site is http://www.rascoins.com



 GENERAL LIST   (four properties)                                                                                                              

The House of Tudor                                                                                                                  1

The House of Stuart, The Commonwealth and House of Orange                                                    2-13

The House of Hanover                                                                                                               14-28

The Bletchley Collection of Sovereigns 

Great Britain 

 The House of Hanover                                                                                                              S 1-S80

The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha                                                                                               S81-S82

The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S83-89

Australia -Melbourne Mint 

The House of Hanover                                                                                                              S90-S104

The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha                                                                                               S105-S106

The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S107-S111

Australia -Perth Mint                                                                                                                       

 The House of Hanover                                                                                                              S90-S104

 The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S114-S119

 Australia -Perth Mint

 The House of Hanover                                                                                                              S120-S144

 The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha                                                                                               S144-S145

 The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S146-S149

Canada - Ottowa Mint 

 The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha                                                                                               S150-S151

  The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S152-S153

India - Bombay Mint 

  The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S154

South Africa - Pretoria Mint

 The House of Windsor                                                                                                               S155-S163

The Dexter Collection of Crowns 

The House of Tudor                                                                                                                    C1-C5

The House of Stuart, THe Commonwealth, and the House of Orange                                              C6-C53

 The House of Hanover                                                                                                              C54-C96



 Some Highligts are:-

The general list :- albeit a small offering has some lovely pieces, a pleasing Edward VI, second period Half-Sovereign (1), a superb James I, first issue Sovereign in EF, from the Lingford collection (2),  a VF, third issue Rose-Ryal (3), two gorgeous EF Charles I Unites of the first and second issues the latter from the Duncan Beresford-Jones collection (4, 5) , a lovely Scotland Charles I Unit (6), a Pattern Halfcrown 1651 by Blondeau, in superlative condition from the Tisbury collection (8), a 1675 Two Guneas, in EF with red toning and reflective fields (9) an uncirculated 1691 Guinea E&C (11), a  lustrous Prince Elector 1714 guinea in a MS64 holder (14) an extremely rare Pattern Two Guineas 1733 good EF (16), a pair of 1775 Proof Half-Guineas, both practically FDC (19, 20), a pair of Proof 1826 Two Pounds (21,22).

The Bletchley collection of Sovereigns:-has many choice pieces and great rarities, London, George III, 1819, ex mount and fair (S4), George IV, 1821 Proof, practically as  struck (S7),  1825 proof, practically FDC (S13), 1826 proofpractically FDC (S15),  1828 a bold VF (S18),  William IV, Pattern Sovereign 1830, practically FDC (S21), Victoria,  uncirculated 1838 (S31), 1841 in EF (S33), 1853 Proof , practically FDC (S40), possibly the finest known "Ansell" 1859, practically mint state (S44), 1863 die 827, a bold VF S49), 1871 Proof St George, practically FDC (S54), George V, 1917 EF (S87), Elizabeth II, 1959 Proof, FDC (S89). Melbourne Mint, Victoria, 1883 Shield in unc (S94), George V, 1921 EF-unc (S107). Sydney Mint, Victoria, 1880 Shield, EF (S125), the exceedingly rare 1887 Proof Jubilee Head from the Quartermaster Collection, FDC (S133), and equally rare, the Specimen 1926, practically FDC (S149). Canada, Ottowa Mint, Satin Proof 1908, practically FDC (S150), the extremely rare 1916 practically unc (S153).

The Dexter Collection of Crowns:- a good VF Elizabeth 1601 (C5), James I , first issue crown, good VF (C8),  Charles I, 1643 Oxford Mint  VF (C20), an exceptional Commonwealth  1653 Crown (C24),  a Charles II 1662, practically EF (C27), William III, 1695 unc (C45), a 1700 in a similar grade (C50), George I, 1723 SSC in EF (C54), George II 1739 good EF (56), 1741 practically unc (C57), a magnificent 1751 practically as struck (C61) and Victoria 1847 "Gothic" practically FDC (C77). 

As always I hope this list has something to offer you and many thanks for your continued support.






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