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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to List 33, predominately featuring the late Eric Evans collection of the provincial coinage of Charles I. I knew Eric for many decades and we did a lot of very satisfactory business together, his company  being Noth Wales Coins.  Our relationship was always harmonious and we always had plenty of time to chat over the phone, usually about anything other than coins! His passion was collecting in particular the provincial coinage of Charles I, and he used to say that when he completed cataloguing , he would let me sell it for him. Sadly he passed away in January this year having never managed to finish listing it, however I have now catalogued it to the best of my ability, and I hope that I have done it justice,  and that Eric would have been pleased.

I decided this time to produce a printed catalogue in part because this collection deserves a stand alone catalogue and because so many of my clients prefer it, so I do hope there are items of interest. List 33 also incudes other items being sold on commission and a very high quality collection of floris from 1849 to 1967, along with lastly a good group of Maundy coins.

The new web site has been popular and  I hope you continue to find it user  friendly, if you have any operating problems please do not hesitate to call us on 01306 884880 or 07798 611006.


We attended the York and Harrogate shows earlier this year, and it was good to meet with clients old and new.  Both shows were successful and well attended and enjoyable. We will be present at Coinex later this year, and apologise for our lack of attendance at any of the other London show this year. This is due in part to moving offices, which I did single handed and it took three months and a lot of culling, especially the library, which it left us with a lot of catching up to do!

I have a reasonable number of 2019 Coin and Market Values, at nearly 50% off at £4 including postage. 

We constantly require fresh stock, so if you would like to sell your collection or select items on a commission basis, we would be delighted to accommodate you. Depending upon condition and desirability, we will likewise take coins in part exchange. I would remind you that it is important to have your collection adequately insured. We are more than happy to provide you with a free valuation less our expenses. Lastly please feel free at anytime to call, I am always happy to give advice and I do attend most auctions and can act on your behalf, my terms are very favourable.

You can order by post, e-mail or by phoning, the latter being preferable, please expect up to 7 working days to receive your order, as the coins have to be retrieved from the safe deposit boxes. Phones 01306 884880 or 07798 611006. We charge £10 for UK Special Delivery and £20 for overseas.

Items featured in List 33.

The Late Eric Evans Collection of The provincial Coinage of Charles I         E1-E75

Coinage of England                                                                               1-129

Coins of Ireland                                                                                     130

Coins of Scotland                                                                                  131 and 132

European Coins                                                                                     135-138                                                                 

Dam Busters Menu                                                                                133

Maundy Oddments                                                                                M1-M40        

 Some Highligts are:-

The late Eric Evans collection-E5 Aberystwyth Halfcrown mint  from the Donnington Hoard, (E13) the ex. David Dupree Aberystwyth-Dovey Furnace mint Halfcrown, (E17) the pleasing and extremely rare Penny form the same mint, (E18) the ex. Bridgewater House Hereford 1645 Halfcrown, (E19) a pleasing Shrewsbury mint Pound, and 1642 Shilling (E23), (E40) a rare Ashby de la Zouch, 1645 Halfcrown and (E41) Shilling 1645, an EF Bridgnorth-on-Severn mint 1646 Shilling (E43), an Exeter 'twisted horse tail' 1644 Halfcrown (E52), a high grade 'crude bust type' Shilling from the Worcester mint (E61), a Hartlebury Castle Halfcrown (E66), although damaged a well struck 'elaborate' bust Shilling from the Chester mint believed one of four known (E68), (E69) a Welsh Marches 1644 Halfcrown, a Carlisle besieged Shilling (E70) and a 1648 Pontefract Shilling (E75).

Coins of England, a Henry VIII, Tournai Groat (2),two pleasing Testoons (4 and 5),  a high grade Edward VI First period Groat from the Laker and Shuttleworth collections (10), a pair of 1551 Crowns (11 and 12), a Mary Angel (14), a lovely Philip and Mary 1555 Shilling (16), a group 1 Charles I Tower Crown (21), a high grade Briot hammered issue Halfcrown (22), a beautiful Exeter Shilling 1644 (24), a pair of Commonwealth 1653 Crowns (25 and 26), a practically EF 1656 Cromwell Broad (27) and an EF 'Dutch' copy 1658 Crown (28), a nice Charles II gold Five Guineas 1683 (32) and a delightful 1662 Crown (33), an almost EF 1726 Crown (38), a proof Crown 1826 (43), a collection of florins 1849-1967, including an example of the extremely rare 1863 in uncirculated condition (59). an Irish 'Dublin Money Crown (130) a rare Scottish  Briot  Unit (131) and William II and Mary 60 Shilling 1692 (132), lastly an unusual item a very rare Dam Busters Menu signed by the participants including Guy Gibson (133). 

As always I hope this list has something to offer you and many thanks for your continued support.






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