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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to List 34.

It has been over a year since my last list was produced, the delay in main is due to difficulty in sourcing stock and the additional effects of the pandemic. Dealerships also depend on exhibiting at coin shows, for buying and selling, and for those that do not have web sites or produce lists, it must be very trying.

Sadly I have to report that well known collector Myron Kaufman, succumbed to Covid-19 in April, those that knew him will be saddened by his loss.

He was a senior customs officer based in New York,  I met him in the early 1980's when at Spink. He had been collecting US coins, but now showed an interest in collecting a representative collection of British milled coins. A long friendship followed, and over the years Myron put together a lovely collection, most of which, upon retirement, was sold in Spink 124. His finest coin was the William III 1697 crown, it is the only known example in extremely fine state, with a pedigree back to J. G. Murdoch. He was an accomplished pianist, and the last time I visited his Manhatten apartment he played a Gershwin piece for me on his very dusty grand piano. I will miss our trans atlantic calls, we would often lose track of the time and covered many subjects, and occasionally chatted about coins!

A charming man, Myron was a gentle giant, he was always especially helpful to myself, Patrick Finn, Andre de Clermont and the late John Pett. As a team we would attend the New York show each year, on arrival we often found that we were at the back of a very lengthy queue at immigration. By prior arrangement Myron would be expecting us, we would then hear his deep voice over the tannoy system requesting  the Spink contingent  to meet with customs. He would greet us with his usual huge smile, he would always  ask me "have you something for me", I made a point of bringing a selection of coins to show him. He signed us  through customs quickly and we were on our way to the hotel some two hours earlier than would have normally been expected! He would be one of the first through the door of the show the next day, such was his enthusiasm! My heart felt condolences go to his wife Patti.

"Collectors Corner" is a new feature, it is a section offering a wide range of cheaper coins, this time from Anglo-Saxon to Queen Victoria. In this section many of the coins are not illustrated both in this list as well as the site, this is for economic reasons, however there are images of the better pieces.


We constantly require fresh stock, so if you would like to sell your collection, part or single items we are currently especially very keen. We also sell for clients on a commission basis, which has historically been very successful, the Noad (list 30) collection is an example of what we can do.   Depending upon condition and desirability, we will likewise take coins in part exchange. I would remind you that it is important to have your collection adequately insured. We are more than happy to provide you with a free valuation less our expenses. Lastly please feel free at anytime to call, I am always happy to give advice.

 You can order by post, e-mail or by phoning, the latter two being preferable, please expect up to 7 working days to receive your order, as the coins have to be retrieved from the safe deposit boxes. We charge £10 for UK Special Delivery and £20 for overseas.



Phones : 01306 884880 or 07798 611006 or e-mail us at mark.rasmussen@rascoins.com  and the web site is http://www.rascoins.com//


Items featured in List 34.

Anglo-Saxon                                                                                                                             1-25

Norman Kings                                                                                                                           26-32

Plantangenet Kings                                                                                                                     33-47

The House of Lancaster                                                                                                               48-59

The House of York                                                                                                                      60-64

The House of Tudor                                                                                                                    65-86

The House of Stuart, The Commonwealth and House of Orange                                                     87-165

The House of Hanover                                                                                                                166-266

The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha                                                                                               267-283

The House of Windsor                                                                                                               284-295

Jersey                                                                                                                                      296

Isle of Man                                                                                                                               297 

Coins of Scotland                                                                                                                     301 - 363

Collectors Corner                                                                                                                      C1-C275


 Some Highligts are:-

Coinage of England:-  a very rare, Offa, light coinage penny (1), an  Anlaf Guthfrithsson, Raven penny (3), a  delightful portrait penny Aethelstan (4), a Barnstaple mint penny of Aethelstan (12), a William I Profile penny, Ronmey mint (26) , a unique Hertford mint, Stephen penny (32), a pleasing Edward III noble (40), Edward IV or V Groat (63), Henry VIII, Tournai groat (68),  attractive Charles I unite (89), a 1644 Oxford shilling (98), a pleasing 1649 sixpence (104), a high grade Cromwell 1658 halfcrown (105) , a run of Charles II halfcrowns, from a collection (113-135),  1773, 7 over 1 guinea (175), a pretty 1804 half guinea (181), 1824 pattern halfcrown, from the Noad collection (191), proof 1834 shilling (204),  a proof 1893 sovereign (213),  an almost EF 1854 shilling (228), mint state 1905 florin(274)  and shilling (278),  1934 crown (287), an  exceedingly rare proof VIP 1952 sixpence (292) and  1946 proof threepence (293), Isle of Man, Peel castle, five shillings (297).

Scotland:- (303) James III Rider of Three Shillings, (310) a pleasing Mary Ryal 1557, (313) a rare Charles II 4 Merks 1664,  (314)another from H Manville collection,  (334) an extremely fine 1682 dollar, (338) 1676 proof-like quarter dollar, (362) a 1716, James VIII pattern crown 1716 and (363) pattern guinea.

As always I hope this list has something to offer you and many thanks for your continued support.






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