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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website, and thank you for being patient, it has been a long time in its development, but I think we now have an attractive, easier and quicker site. I have to thank many of you that offered constructive criticism over the years, as the old site became somewhat cumbersome, but it was fifteen years old. Hopefully you will find the new site an enjoyable experience!

The main objective is to provide a site that will simplify the scanning of an item and provide an email connection against each one.

The other reason for change has been the prohibitive cost of producing a catalogue, especially the printing and distribution. Also, to have to periodically remove names from the mailing list to keep it within a manageable size, was difficult and counter-productive. So now everyone will be notified when a new list or a batch of fresh stock goes on to the site.

The site has been designed to display the coins without the distraction of endless menus. The first thing you will notice is that there are NO obvious navigation menus, except for a magnifying glass at the top right, under the changing graphics banners, and three short horizontal bars on the left. This, believe it or not, is euphemistically called a “hamburger”..... It is the gateway through which the menus are to be found.

The magnifying glass is the new search area available at the top of every page. Using this facility, which you will notice still retains the familiar search groups, you should be able to find all the coins I have in stock, including archive.

I have a reasonable number of 2019 Coin and Market Values, at nearly 50% off at £6.50 including postage. 

Again I have kept the main headings as simple as possible...







The information list will keep you up to date on the latest news and acquisitions.

New Stock, is a general selection of non-specific coins

Current List contains a vast selection of my up to date coins which can perused at your leisure or searched via the search bar at the top of the page.

Current Stock, contain all my historic stock

Collections are self explanatory

Contact information directs you to the bottom of the page where you will find telephone and association links

The coin pages have been kept clean and simple to view with accent on the familiar printed catalogues. However, there is one specific difference in the way the coins are presented.

List emphasis has been placed on ‘coins for sale’ which appear at the top of the list. Many of you who have received the printed catalogue, know historically that I don’t photograph every coin I sell, so the second listing is of ‘coins for sale without images’. Third are the ‘coins sold’ (archive) category, first with images, followed by coins sold without images.

Against each coin, for sale or sold, there is a small email envelope icon. If you require information, or wish to purchase a coin, simply click the envelope icon and a popup enquiry form will appear.

You must fill in all the question requests, except the telephone field, which is optional.

Should you wish to examine the coin more closely, click on the coin image and it will enlarge, when you have finished examining the coin click on it again, or for those familiar with touch screen activation, simply grab the coin image and flick of off the screen, the list will re-appear.

Lastly the site can be viewed on most tablets Mac and PC and smaller mobile phones.

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P.O. Box 42, Betchworth, Surrey, RH3 7YR Telephone: 01306 884 880 Mob: 07798 611006